Launch Party Warmed the Soul

We had a cozy time at Southern Fried Bookstore for the book launch introducing my participation in the newest edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul. The subtitle is Believe in Miracles. And I feel just being a part of the Chicken Soup family is one. I am so honored they liked my story. NOW, I finally feel my mother would be proud of my second act in life endeavor – writing again like I did in high school and college. 

Hope you find this anthology on Amazon or your favorite book store and it gives you the comfort you might need.



We served homemade crock pot chicken noodle soup, sweet tea, and lemon pie squares. Here is the EASY recipe:  

2 large chicken breasts
3 large carrots and celery stalks chopped
1/2 yellow onion chopped
2 – 32 oz. containers of chicken stock or chicken broth
Bay leaf optional

Combine all in crock pot.

Cook on low 6-8 hours. Shred the chicken in crock pot. Fifteen minutes before serving add noodles to your liking. I chose egg noodles.

And attendees went back for seconds! Hmmm, hmmm, good!